Pacing Paws Petcare


My name is Maryhelen and I live in Naperville, Illinois with my husband and our two young boys.  I've been a Naper-Carriage Hill resident for the past 16 years.  Growing up my family always had pets and that is how I grew to 'LOVE' animals.  I love being around them, interacting with them & figuring out their personalities!

 Currently my family and I have 1 dog and 2 cats.  Onyx is my older son's cat.  He's a short haired domestic, 'black beauty' as we like to call him. He is the 'subtle' soul of the three.  After Onyx came Cali from our local shelter and she is a beautiful Calico cat with a lot of sass and thunder.  She belongs to my younger son.  Last but not small in character by any means is Calvin.  He is a Havapoo or Poovanese, which is a mix of poodle and havanese.  He is the icing to our animal family.  He has made the culmination complete so to speak.  I can't wait to get to know your extended family whether it's Rover or Fluffy or...! 

Maryhelen Mallory​~owner